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Frequently Asked Questions

What is POC Radio?

Push to talk Over Cellular. POC for short is a subscription-based radio service utilizing cellular data for direct communications. There is no infrastructure to maintain just end user devices.

What is LMR Radio?

Land Mobile Radio. LMR for short is your standard two-way radio. This utilizes direct radio frequency links radio to radio. For better coverage or broader range, a repeater/booster is added to the system.

Usually placed somewhere with high elevation. Your low Power Hand Held Radio (HT) connects with the more sensitive repeater. The repeater does just that. Repeats the signal but at much higher power to reach a bigger area.

How far do the radios reach?

In a LMR system generally speaking Radio to Radio is 1-5 miles. With a repeater/booster you can increase that to 10-15 miles.

On a POC system as long as you have ATT or T-Mobile cellular service your good to go.

Can I integrate a POC system with my already established LMR system?

Yes, if you are running a conventional analog or DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) system. We have the ability to like the two systems together.

I already have Hand Held (HT) radios. Can I connect to one of your managed repeater systems?

Short answer YES. We have 99.9% Hand Held (HT) coverage indoor and outdoor of Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport and the surrounding area.

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