DP-480 UHF display


Introducing the DP-480 UHF Display professional digital mobile radio, the ultimate communication solution for professionals in need of a dependable and advanced digital radio.

DMR II HT w/ display UHF. UHF 400-470Mhz Analog/DMR II 4 watt radio with display, full key pad and man-down button.

Includes charger and antenna.

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Product Description

Featuring advanced digital technology such as DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) and TDMA (Time-Division Multiple Access), the DP-480 UHF Display delivers outstanding audio quality and crystal clear communication even in noisy environments. With its high-power 25W output and advanced filtering technology, this radio offers extended coverage and improved communication reliability.

The DP-480 UHF Display also boasts a variety of advanced features such as built-in GPS, emergency alarm, remote kill/stun/activate, and multiple signaling options, that allows you to stay in control and in touch with your team at all times. And with its compact and lightweight design, the DP-480 UHF Display is easy to install and use in any vehicle.

Whether you're working in public safety, transportation, or any other professional field, the DP-480 UHF Display is the ideal choice for dependable and advanced digital communication.

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